SOCKS5 proxies
SOCKS5 proxies

I think some of you would agree that the default doesn’t necessarily stand as the best option. SOCKS proxies are not an exception.

More often than not, these proxies are usually seen as a default option for browsers and specific applications when going through proxy settings. The reason why SOCKS proxies are not an exception is that they have poor security levels, especially if you’re thinking of using them in a business setting.

Before exploring SOCKS proxies, I’ll go over some basics of internet protocols that will help us understand how it all came to be.

SOCKS Origins: Understanding Internet Protocols

To better understand where…

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Web scraping is somewhat complicated — from the differing definitions to the potential applications in business, as well as the power it has to shape the future of business. And of course, there is another commonly heard term — web crawling. You may have heard these terms used interchangeably, so it’s important to understand the differences between web scraping vs. web crawling. Here’s a quick rundown before we get more in-depth:

Web crawling gathers pages in order to create indices or collections. Web scraping downloads pages in order to extract specific data for analysis purposes.

In this article, we’ll go…

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Gabija Fatenaite is a Senior Content Manager at Oxylabs, covering topics on web scraping, proxies, data acquisition & tech trends.

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